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The Euro is taking advantage while the USD is hesitating. Overview for 17.11.2017

The main currency pair is still growing a little bit while political risks are recovering.

The Australian Dollar is trying to update its lows. Overview for 16.11.2017

The AUD/USD pair updated another low, of July 7th, influenced by some mixed statistics on the employment.

The Pound decided to ignore the statistics. Overview for 15.11.2017

On Wednesday morning, the GBP/USD pair was very volatile, but later in the afternoon the activity almost died down.

The Yen is rising. Overview for 15.11.2017

The USD/JPY pair is trading to the downside on Wednesday after Japan published quite mixed GDP report.

The Euro is rising cheerfully. Overview for 14.11.2017

The main currency pair is trading upwards on Tuesday; investors are responding to a strong report on the GDP.

The Australian Dollar is trading close to July’s lows. Overview for 14.11.2017

On Tuesday, China published several rather weak statistical reports and made the AUD/USD pair update its four months’ “bottom”.

The Yen is starting this week neutrally. Overview for 13.11.2017

The USD/JPY pair started a new November week neutrally; investors are monitoring the USD behavior.

The Euro is going on the attack. Overview for 10.11.2017

The main currency pair continues slowly growing on Friday; the USD is under pressure.
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